Some of my christmas outfits
Sigh! Wow the last few days have been real tiring, iv been so busy keeping everyone cheery during this festive season! And iv had sooo many toys iv had to play with :) it seems I am a very spoilt boy! This is another holiday I had to spend in hospital.. Well for half an hour anyways because I have conjunctivitis! Now mama has to put drops in my eye four times a day but I'm soo good that I don't even wiggle! Unless she tries to dress me!!!

Monday everyone came round and we had a huge meal. me and dadda had to entertain everyone whilst mama hid in the kitchen! I think to begin with she was shy! Then dada bought out a huge meal and a very untidy mama! We played scattergories and I was a pickle and kept standing up and flinging myself all over the place! It was so much fun because I went all over the place and mama and dada had to rush to catch me! Then I finally went to sleep and when i woked up Santa had been! He bought me loads of presents throughout the next few days which we spent at nana and Grandads 1 and 2! I learnt to suprise everyone by saying ello! They thought I was very clever! Now as you can see below I'm learning to dance on my new stand and dance toy!!
And being a pickle and destroying my new eating chair...

12/27/2012 2:38am

Your supposed to eat on the chair not eat the chair. Glad you had a good Christmas and hope you got everything you wanted love you loads see you soon Grandad xxx


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