Today dada has bought me an otter man whose going to look after all my toys! I think he lives in a big black box in our lounge as mummy has been passing him my toys through there! I was really well behaved this morning mama said, and as a reward, I got to spend the whole day with nana and grumps whilst mama and dada started to get my room ready! Apparently it's my New Years revolution to be in my own room like a big boy next year! I'm so excited because mama and dada snore and it's very distracting. I have my own monitor who will watch me and night and play me songs, and all my toys can be as messy as I want because its my very own room!

When I got home from nanas, mama cooked me tomato sgetti which I ate all of whilst watching the lion king! I'm so lucky to have my own booster chair so I can sit at the table like a big boy now instead of in a high chair. I like the big table!

12/28/2012 10:18am

You don't have to stay in your own room if you don't want to. Just make lots of noise xxx

Denyse Butler
12/28/2012 11:08am

Haha I will make plenty of noise don't worry grandad

12/29/2012 1:38am

You wont be leaving it as messy as you like, i want everything put away when your finished playing with it :)


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